The Data Protection Policy for David John King Photography

David John King Data Policy


The EU has issued regulations regarding the distribution and storage of data held by companies and organisations who are based and/or operate in the EU.


As a small business I am not subject to the full scope of these regulations. Never the less I am keen to ensure that the data I hold is handled securely and in accordance with any individual's wishes.


I David John King collect data from clients, prospective clients and business associates and suppliers. I am the only individual with direct access to data.

Data is gathered using the following methods:

  • Face to face

  • Telephone

  • Email

  • Social media portals

    Data is also gathered via a contact page on the company website over a secure sever at this location:

    No data held by me is distributed to third parties unless requested to do so by UK law enforcement officers in the pursuit of a legitimate criminal investigation.
    Data is used solely for company operational purposes and for the purpose of company accounting.

    All online payment data is handled by financial companies and as such any questions regarding financial data handling should be directed to the relevant company.
    Where payment is made by bank or credit card either face to face or remotely, all details are entered into a mobile payment device; no details are written down or stored by me.
    All data which has been held for over 10 years will be reviewed and when authorised by a data subject will be destroyed either by triple shredding (in the case of physical data) or deletion (in the case of digital data).

    The company websites use cookies for the purpose of tracking traffic through the website. Relevant browser companies can supply assistance in removing cookies where required.

    Data is stored in a physical and digital form at the company head office and secured under lock and key.

    Data is also stored by the two third party organisations listed below along with their website addresses where their respective privacy and data handling policies can be accessed.

    Intuit Inc.
    1 Cathedral Piazza,
    SW1E 5BP

600 Galleria Pkwy

Suite 1460
Atlanta, GA 30339


Individuals can request a full report on all data held by me by making a request in writing and paying any relevant fee.