David John King

Videographer & Photographer


About Me

Who Am I?

I have been involved with the media industry for over 40 years. Quite a while.

In that time I have experienced media production from the depths of the darkroom and offline edit suites to the digital revolution and non-linear editing. All of which means that I have a deep understanding of current media production.

But nobody is perfect and I am by no means complacent. I continually update my knowledge and equipment so that I can meet the needs of clients, regardless of what is asked of me.

I have also spent time as a technical training manager in the electronics industry. So I can easily understand the difficulties and importance of getting ideas across to others clearly, concisely on time and within budget.

I like to think of myself as a very friendly open person, willing to help others whilst still having the presence of mind to put forward my own ideas.

Currently, I am happy to associate myself with Blythe House Hospice and feel privileged to be able to help promote a wonderful organization.

What the heck is a videographer/photographer?

I looked up both terms in dictionaries, online, books you name it. In each case, the definitions are vague at best ranging from, "One who operates a video camera" to a person who works in...(wait for it)...videography. A photographer is listed to be "one who draws with light" to a person who takes photographs. Neither definition really fits the bill.

Looking back over a career that has spread over four decades...

I have produced, photographs, photograms, time-lapse video, pin-registered rostrum camera work, animation, slide shows, power-point presentations. I have even built my own camera and commissioned my very own film from Kodak. I've attended weddings, anniversaries, opening nights, rehearsals, birthday parties, presentations. I've provided product shots, property visuals, portraits and yes, images of kids sat on Santa's knee. In my time I have produced work for corporations, TV companies, newspapers, magazines, charities. I've photographed celebrities, bands, couples and singles, pets, opera singers, Dukes and even a pantomime Dame driving a bus whilst eating an ice cream.

I have stood around for hours, comforted tearful brides (and grooms), provided solutions, created new procedures, solved problems. I've herded crowds of unwilling participants, made people laugh, made people cry. I've even had time to eat the odd sandwich!

So what do I do? Well, I record the path of light rays at the point where they meet a surface and present them in a form that can be appreciated by others.

In short, I record what can be seen and heard now, so that you can experience later...and remember.


Want to hire me?

Call me now at 07932650192 or Email at david@davidjohnking.co.uk